When my mother died I was cleaning her things. I remember this pen very well because every day when she came home from the factory she would count how much she earned that day. It´s more than 50 years old but still works.

My mother got this certificate when she came from Slavonija to Zagreb. One time we had guests and that was the first time I saw that she needed to have a permit to stay in the city.

I decided to take this object because I love stones. I love rocks, I love hiking. That´s a certain symbol of nature which is also a bond with my mother and my child. What I love about stones is their shape, almost every stone I brought from my travels or the ones I found on the street has some kind of shape. I have sort of an altar with special stones. By the stones I also have a tree or a leaf, everything that´s connected to nature. 

This little cloth is soft and I like to take care of it. My mother gave me that cloth when I was a baby. I sleep with it and I only leave it when I play. 

These are my family photos, this is me when I was a child. My father is a photographer so I have a lot of those. I cherish them because they remind me of moments when we were all happy. I was surprised when I saw the photos I chose, all of them are from our summers in Brač where we don´t go anymore since my grandparents dies. I probably chose them because of a sense of nostalgia for the time when we were all there and some kind of an inner peace they always remind me of.

When I take this scarf which my mother knitted herself, I can feel her and that warmth which only a mother can give. This scarf is more than precious to me, it radiates her warmth, the thing that I sometimes need so much.

I got this as a wedding gift from my office friends 65 years ago. It´s unique and those were the first things made out of ceramics that we had in our country. I am always taking care of it so it doesn´t get broken, I am so attached to it. I don´t use it anymore, I keep it as a memory. It was important before to serve the coffee in that special way. That´s not important anymore.

I got this bunny from my father when he came back from a trip. We are almost always together, when I learn how to read, I read to him. 

Dildo was a natural choice that represents what I do, not only because I believe that the women only need themselves to be happy. And in that sexual regard, I believe that a woman who finds herself sufficient can be satisfied in sex with a man, and that we need both sex and masturbation equally. And that´s why dildo is here, as a symbol of female independence so she could, being independent, easily give herself to a man both physically and emotionally if she chooses to. Also, dildo stays up even after the sex act.

She was in the pound only four days, I got her photo and couldn´t stop looking at her. When I told my grandmother about her I knew that was it, I have already made my decision. She was timid, neutred, in stitches. I didn´t even know what dogs eat but I brought her home. We went to the meadow and I told her, look girl, I understand that you might want to flee but I don´t want to keep you on the leash so please let´s listen to each other and be good. And that´s how it started, we go to work together, we take walks together, we are very happy and love each other a lot.

This is a pearl necklace which I bought when my friend died. When my Mirjana died I was looking at this pretty necklace in one store, I thought it was beautiful. But I kept telling myself that I don´t need it and that it´s too expensive, there are more important things I should save money for... When she died I went there and immediately bought that necklace. I believe that when someone dies their love stays with us and when I put that necklace on I feel like that love is hugging me even more. That neklace is not only a reminder of her love but also that it´s important to put yourself first.